Progressive Jackpot Bingo

Estimated Jackpot ($500)

Ball Number (48)
Consolation Prize ($400)
Next Date 05/07/16
Last Winner ($680.78) on 04/30/16

Each Saturday night at Queen of Apostles' Alberte Center, players can enjoy playing Bingo for cash prizes. Volunteers arrive at the gym by 3:00 PM to greet and service our customers by selling bingo cards and concessions. We offer a "Pre-Session" of 5 games and an "Early Bird" and "Late Bird" session which have 10 games each. In one night we give away a total of $2,700 in prizes. We also offer a 50/50 cash raffle and pull tabs for those that want additional games of chance.

Every night, we offer 2-$300 games, 2-$150 games, 5-$100 games, and 16-$75 games. Our progressive jackpot offers a maximum of $400 and minimum of $100 in consolation and has grown to be over $8,000 in the past. Check out our Progressive History menu item above! We run a cycle of 4 weekly programs so that our games are changed slightly from week to week.

Bingo cards for both the "Early Bird" and "Late Bird" sessions are $1 each face or can also be purchased in larger quantities for less money. Following the "Late Bird" you can finish the night with a full card "progressive" bingo game where the pot keeps growing from week to week! Look at the details at the top of this page for our next Progressive session. Progressive bingo cards are $1 each face.

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If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the bingo chairs:
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