Progressive Jackpot Bingo

Estimated Jackpot ($2,500)

Ball Number (53)
Consolation Prize ($100)
Next Date 08/29/15
Last Winner ($6,807.35) on 07/18/15

Each Saturday night at Queen of Apostles' Alberte Center, players can enjoy playing Bingo for cash prizes. Volunteers arrive at the gym by 4:00 PM to greet and service our customers by selling bingo cards and concessions. Both the "Early Bird" and "Late Bird" sessions have 10 games each and we offer a minimum of $2,100 in prizes. We also offer a 50/50 raffle for those that want an additional game of chance.

From July 11, 2015 through August 29, 2015, Queen of Apostles will be giving away a little extra money! Now two games offer $400 in prizes! Historically only $250 was awarded for "Early Bird Game 10" and "Late Bird Game 10", during this timeframe, both of these games will have the prize amounts elevated to $400. This is exciting! Hope you are able to partake in the extra prizes!

Bingo cards for both the "Early Bird" and "Late Bird" sessions are $1 each face or can also be purchased in larger quantities for less money. Following the "Late Bird" you can finish the night with a full card "progressive" bingo game where the pot keeps growing from week to week! Look at the details in the header above for our next session. Progressive bingo cards are $1 each.

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If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the bingo chairs: